T-Dance @ Aqua Ocean Club

Tuesday 7 May from 12.00 - 20.00h.

T-Dance at Aqua OceanClub is one of the best dance events at Maspalomas Pride! At the completely renovated open air club located next to the sea. Holland´s biggest gay icon Diva Mayday (iT, Roxy, Escape, Amsterdam Pride) will blow you away from her DJ deck! Award winning Sharon O´Love is one of the most appreciated DJs within our global community and once you have heard her play you´ll understand why! ProGay resident DJ PK80 will bring T-Dance to the next level together with Linda Axelsson, Riki on saxophone, erotic stripper and the sexy gogo´s of High Heel Performance!

Wet & White @ Amadores Beach Club

Wednesday 8 May from 12.00 - 20.00h.

Wet & White has been one of Maspalomas Pride most popular party since years! Sold out the past 3 years and this edition with new features. The free shuttle bus from the Yumbo will bring you to one of Europe´s best beach clubs at the Amadores Beach. Enjoy the huge pool, jacuzzi´s, sunbeds (for rent) and of course the sounds of superstar DJ Micky Friedmann, Sharon O´Love and Pako80. The special effects and XXX Room will give the party an extra dimension! The very sexy gogo´s, vocal house singer and saxophonist will turn this Wet & White edition into an unforgettable experience!

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